Not sure how it happened!

Growing up, I had always thought of motorcycles as “donorcycles”. As the gas prices went up a short while back, I was concerned about my Jeep Wrangler’s 11 mpg drinking problem and started to consider a motor cycle as a cost effective alternative. I found and bought a Honda Shadow Spirit (750cc) and fell in love… Read more »

No pun in ten did

This is a reprint from PatriotPost. I loved it, and thought you would too! No pun in ten did The ability to make and understand puns is considered to be the highest level of language development. Test your pun comprehension: 1. A vulture boards an airplane, carrying two dead raccoons. The stewardess looks at him… Read more »

Stress Causes What? Get Rid Of It NOW!

Posted on January 20, 2010 by madowgroup. Thanks to my friends at Madow Group for this.  I think it is great.  I have modified the original content slightly.  I hope you enjoy it and benefit from it. Most of us know that stress can cause high blood pressure, unhappiness, fatigue, backache, immune disorders, substance abuse,… Read more »

Laws of the Universe

During this busy time of the year we can get so wrapped up in many projects or activities.  I came across these laws and felt they were light hearted (and amazingly accurate.)  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Here’s to wishing you a very Merry Christmas!! (If you choose to celebrate.)… Read more »

Are we there yet?

Here we are, mid December already.  Where has the time gone?  It seems like we just had Christmas.  Didn’t we?  At any rate, I have been going through the motions this year.  Attempting to act excited (or even interested, for that matter.) So far it has produced minimal results.  Not sure what it is that is… Read more »

So much to be thankful for!!!

Any of you with children of your own, know the drill.  You work hard to teach the young ones to make good choices and prepare them to make the tough ones.  When they are young you play a VERY active role in that process.  As they mature you (some times reluctantly) have to step back… Read more »

It all starts off so innocently!

Just spent some time surfing the web to research dental-related topics for today’s entry. I was not sure of what to write until I came across this information regarding oral piercings. Enjoy it. Hopefully it will help you in your decision-making regarding a piercing. Researchers Find Tongue Piercing Could Lead To Gum and Tooth Problems…… Read more »

Maybe I should have listened better!!

You know those days.  I am sure you have had them too.  You wake up and know that something is going to happen.  You just need to experience a little of your day before it all starts to come into focus.  I had one of those days this week.   On average, I wake up bright and early 6-7… Read more »

Ramblings of a proud dad!

Spent Friday with my son Brandon in Lincoln, Nebraska.  He had an interview for admission into the dental school. (My Alma Mater.)  We had a great time talking during the 10 hour drive up and back, and during the hotel stay.  Discussing hope and dreams!!  Talks like that really give me hope for our future. … Read more »

My first real post

This is my first venture into the realm of the cyberspace blog.  I have recently gained enough information about Web 2.0 to be dangerous.  I intend to keep this current.  I hope this will be a great experience for all of us.  If there is one thing true in life, it is that anything new will require… Read more »