What Is the Difference between Tooth Infections and an Abscessed Teeth?

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Have you ever experienced an abscessed tooth or a tooth infection? As you probably already know, your body tends to fight off infections fairly well, but your teeth are something of an exception. You see, tooth infections typically happen in the center of your tooth, meaning you won’t be able to get antibodies to the infection. So, in order to address a tooth infection, you will need root canal therapy.

Tooth infections can be caused when decay or trauma kill your nerve. Unfortunately, if you have a tooth infection, it may spread quickly. An infection can also spread to the area between your tooth and your jaw bone, and lead to a painful abscess. While your body may be able to fight the abscess for a time, it won’t be able to treat the actual infection in your tooth.

Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to prevent a tooth infection. Not only will this help you avoid root canal therapy, it could also help you avoid abscesses altogether. As you’ve probably guessed, one thing you can do to fight off tooth infection is floss and brush every day. Another key factor in the fight against tooth decay is seeing our dentist twice a year for routine exams and checkups. Similarly, if you follow a healthy diet and remember to drink plenty of water, you will be winning the fight against the decay that could lead to a tooth infection.  

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