When you come in for a routine dental checkup, Dr. Albert Mendez may take digital X-rays in Pittsburg, Kansas. Our office uses the DEXIS® digital X-ray system. This has many advantages to you, to the doctor, and to our environment. First, we are able to use less radiation to obtain the quality image needed for proper diagnosis of your conditions. Secondly, the image that is on the computer monitor in digital X-rays can be manipulated to show different amounts of contrast, enlarged, etc., allowing our dentist to better diagnose your conditions. Should the need arise for you to be referred to a specialist, the digital X-ray can be sent electronically–saving time and assuring the image is clear and easy to read. Lastly, digital X-rays are not processed using chemicals like the film X-rays are. This means fewer chemicals to potentially pollute the environment. Feel free to contact Mendez Family Dental today for more information and to schedule your next appointment.