If You’ve Lost a Filling the Tooth Likely Needs to Be Restored with a Crown

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While fillings are sometimes called for to repair a chip or fracture in the tooth enamel, most are a result of tooth decay. Even though a filling is meant to last for many years, they are still not impervious to the passage of time. In general, the larger and older a filling is, the more likely it is to be compromised or lost.

When a large filling is lost, there is rarely enough healthy tooth enamel remaining to mount a new filling. In situation like this Dr. Albert Mendez will likely recommend that all of the tooth enamel be removed and replaced with a crown.

Dr. Albert Mendez will start by examining the tooth and taking some X-rays. It’s important to make sure the internal layers of the tooth are still healthy. If new pockets of decay have formed in the pulp or root of the tooth he might need to perform endodontic therapy to excise the decay and restore the lost structure.

Dr. Albert Mendez will then remove all of the tooth enamel, leaving behind an abutment. This will later serve as the anchor for your permanent crown. Then he will make an impression of the abutment and surrounding teeth, before installing hard plastic temporary crown. The impression will then be sent to out dental lab where your permanent crown is made.

Dr. Albert Mendez will call you in for a brief second appointment, when your new crown is ready. The temporary crown is removed and your custom-made permanent crown is cemented onto the abutment.

If you’re missing a filling on one of your teeth, you shouldn’t delay in calling Dr. Albert Mendez’s Pittsburg, Kansas office at 620-231-6070 to explore your treatment and restoration options.