Whatever it takes.

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You can make your own happiness!

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a wonderful educational meeting to learn about improving my online presence.  I wrote about it in a previous blog entitled, “So when does the future officially begin?  At that meeting I met a fellow dentist from the Pacific Northwest, named Dr. Brad Larsen. He and I learned many things and during our meeting we decided to guest blog for each other.  You read his blog in my last posting.  I wrote for him and he posted it on his blog. I am posting it here for you to read too.  I hope you enjoy

I know what I am about to say just might sound ironic.  I write a blog and I Facebook, and yet I consider myself a somewhat private person. How is that possible?  I suppose I consider myself private because I do not “confess” past or current “sin and shortcomings” in public.  I grew up the son of a hardworking steelworker in a middle class community in the south suburbs of Chicago. It was not uncommon for Dad to work 12-16 hours per day. Throughout my growing up years, Mom was a stay at home mom.  She ran a very tight ship. I admire my parents for all they did for my siblings and me. I am the person I am today mostly because of their attitude and teachings.  Do whatever it takes!!!

My common, everyday life was never much to talk about; after all every one lived that way, right? It was nothing to be ashamed of, nor was it much to brag about.  Recently I was talking with one of my team members about working my way through college and dental school.  I told her about how I worked in a meat processing plant moving product from storage to the processing floor and back.  I helped in the “ground beef” room–pushing the meat into the grinders, extruding it into one to ten pound chubs, boxing the chubs, etc. On occasion I would drive a refrigerated flat truck to pick up or deliver the meat all over Nebraska, Iowa, and even Minnesota.

I also mentioned doing custodial work.  I had a couple of different custodial jobs.  One required me to keep tiled floors and stairways clean.  I was responsible for sweeping, mopping and stripping and waxing these floors. Yet another job consisted of pulling trash and vacuuming carpets in office buildings around Lincoln, NE.  She was amazed at the things I did.  It was neither glamorous nor demeaning work.  It just needed to be done!

As I reflect on my past, I am reminded of my attitude then. The things I did were neither demeaning nor degrading; they just needed to be done.  Do I still have that same attitude?  No matter what your current circumstances, do you have this same attitude?  Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

This applies to all parts of our lives.  Professionally, have we developed a “that’s not in my job description” attitude?  In our family relationships, do we think “Why should I even try, when I know they aren’t?”  Do we shun doing the chores we may think are “beneath us” for fear of what others may think?

Take time think about the things that are important to you.  Are you willing to do whatever it takes?