What, another holiday?

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Approximately 2 hours north of my house is the headquarters for Hallmark. There, in the heart of Kansas City Missouri, is an office, in a modern building where holidays are invented!  Can imagine the large table where “the powers that be” sit and think of the latest way to celebrate. I am trying to be grateful for Hallmark, because if it were not for them, I would have no reason to mail a card to my grandparents in the month of September.  (In case you forgot, National Grandparents day is September 11.) I know this sounds a tiny bit cynical.  Ok, maybe a LOT cynical; but it did cause me to do a Google search and I am now aware that March is “Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month”.  Rather than bore you with all my new-found holiday smarts, I encourage you to go to this site and see all your reasons for celebrating!  You will be amazed!

Seriously, this week there are two events I wanted to discuss.  The first is Severe Weather Awareness Week. Here in the Midwest, we are hit by the extremes when it comes to weather. Late February to Mid March can deal us almost everything from blizzards and tornadoes.  This seasonal variety is what amazes me.  I love storms.  I could easily become a storm chaser.  I have always enjoyed the amazing power of nature.  So this week, if you live in an area prone to severe weather, take the time to learn how to stay safe when severe weather threatens.

The second topic is even more important to me.  This week is also National Dental Assistant Recognition Week.  I know this is meant to recognize my clinical assistants, and I definitely do not want to take away from their week.  However, I am blessed to have an awesome team in my office.  From the front desk assistants to my chair side assistants to my Hygienists,  I have a group of wonderful, hard working, conscientious team players.  I want to extend a great big “Thank you” to each of them for all they do to make me love my profession.  To my Clinical assistants–Tammy, and Micah–Thank You for keeping my day full of variety. To my front desk assistants–Karen and Shari–Thank You for keeping the business side of dentistry manageable.  To my Hygienists–Brittanii, Kristal, and Rachel–Thank you for helping our family of Patients keep healthy smiles.

I am sure that by now you want to meet these awesome ladies. Give our office a call at (620) 231-6070 to schedule a time for a dental visit.  You can learn about them and our practice at www.pittsburgkansasdentist.com.  Go out and celebrate a great week!

One more thing. Mark your calendars because March 28 is an important day.  Not only will Dr Mendez be celebrating his birthday, but that will be the early part of “Root Canal Awareness Week”!!