What a tool!

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This post will seem scattered, but please be patient!

Over the last year and a half, I have been through some life experiences that have taught me a few things, one is an important truism–“stuff happens to you for a reason!”  This morning it happened again.  I enjoy bicycle riding in the morning.  The weather is cool, the birds are chirping the traffic is manageable.  5:30 in the morning is really a great time to get 10-12 miles in!  As I was preparing for this riding season, I had my bike tuned up.  On my second day of riding, I got a flat tire.  Fortunately it was a slow leak and I made it home OK.  I located the leak and patched it and put the tire back on my bike.   I rode a couple days with no problems and noticed my tire was flat a few days later.  I removed the tire and re-repaired the flat, and reattached my tire.  Everything was back to normal.

This morning I set off for a 10-12 mile ride; about 3 miles into it, I got a flat tire again. (Same tire.)  I walked the 3 miles home pushing my bike the whole way.   As I was pushing, I thought about…tools.   My bike is a tool.   It gets me from place A to place B.  It helps me exercise.   It is also a source of mental relaxation.  Then I thought about how important it is to care for your tools.  Neglecting your tools could bring disappointment or even danger. (And in my case, a little inconvenience thrown in for good measure.)

Then I thought about how we value tools.  Do we buy the best tools or the cheapest ones?  Do we cut corners on the maintenance? About 3 years ago I spent quite a bit of money on a new bike–a hybrid between a racer and a mountain bike.  It was expensive, but well worth it!!  (I did not skimp on this tool.)  My patching and re-patching the rear tire was a different story.  Rather than buy a new tube, I thought I would save some money. (Big mistake.)

About a year ago, I bought some very expensive tools for my practice.  I purchased a digital “PANO” machine.  A “PANO” takes the full mouth X ray that shows wisdom teeth and potential problems in the jaw.  It is a very important tool for a dentist.  I also purchased a program that digitizes and helps me read my x-rays.  The “Dexis” system has been amazing.  It was money well spent!  These new digital x-rays are much clearer to read AND they subject our patients to 1/3 the radiation of the old system!  A win-win for everyone!

Then I thought about me… as a tool.  What kind am I?  Am I a sledgehammer destroying things?  Am I a magnifying glass, helping others see things more clearly? Am I a vehicle, comfortably taking fellow travelers through this journey called life?  (I know, three miles gives you plenty of time to think.)

So now a question for you.  If you were to look at yourself as a tool, what kind are you?   Please take a moment to read this blog post at the original site, consider this question and make a comment.   I am curious what kind of tool you are.

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