Try Zoom! Whitening for a Brighter Pearly Whites

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Try Zoom! Whitening for brighter pearly whites. Mendez Family Dental in Pittsburg, Kansas, is proud to offer you two professional options for brightening your smile: Zoom! Whitening in-house whitening and take-home whitening treatments.

A Zoom! in-house treatment can mean your pearly-whites are four to six shades whiter in 45 minutes or less. This treatment has made millions of patients’ smiles brighter. The appointment begins with your dentist, Dr. Albert Mendez checking your current shade. Then he will get your teeth ready for the treatment, brush a thin coat of specially formulated Zoom! gel onto your teeth, and finally shine a blue LED light onto the those teeth to activate chemicals in the gel so as to make the process zoom by. This process is repeated three times for the best results, taking just 45 minutes altogether. Afterward, another special gel will be applied to reduce or eliminate any possible tooth sensitivity.

The second option is a special take home whitening treatment kit. With this treatment you can have a brilliant smile that is up to six shades whiter in just one to two weeks. Dr. Albert Mendez will first provide you with a custom-made dental tray and gel. When you use the kit at home, you just put a small amount of gel into each tray, fit them over your bite, and hold them there for a prescribed amount of time. Afterwards, brush your teeth to wash away the gel and check out your amazing results. The duration of the treatment depends best upon what suits your schedule as well as the level of results that you want.

If you would like to know more about Zoom! Whitening treatments, just call us at 620-231-6070 to book an appointment. We’re excited to see you!