Tips for a Healthy Smile While Traveling

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If you’re traveling for business or you are on vacation, you need to keep your teeth clean and  healthy.

Before you leave, make an appointment to see our dentist, Dr. Albert Mendez at Mendez Family Dental in Pittsburg, Kansas. We’ll give you a thorough cleaning and exam to make certain there is nothing wrong that could present a larger problem while you are gone.

Don’t forget your basic oral hygiene routine: brush at least twice a day, and floss before bedtime. It can be easy to forget about doing that if you are behind the wheel on a long road trip, changing planes at an airport, or just getting caught up in the excitement of your vacation.  Keep your toothbrush and your toothpaste stored separately from the rest of your belongings, and make sure that they both remain clean, especially your toothbrush bristles and the toothpaste cap.

If you are traveling with kids, keep plenty of tooth-friendly snacks on hand, like apples and carrots, and try giving them water instead of sugary drinks or juices. If you are on a long car trip, a stop for the bathroom is also a good time to stop to brush your teeth.

If you are headed out for an end-of-summer vacation, or a business trip is in your future, stop by our office for a checkup before you leave. You can call us at 620-231-6070 to make an appointment.