The Ways Medicine Can Impact Your Mouth

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Although medications are meant to improve your overall health, they can alter your oral health more than you might realize. Some side effects that are included with medications can cause major dental issues and can damage your pearly whites, which is why our Mendez Family Dental team recommends keeping your oral health in mind while taking prescribed drugs and supplements.

Some common side effects that can harm your smile include:

Dry mouth: Because some medications decrease the amount of saliva you produce in your mouth, dry mouth is a common side effect. This can be a major problem because it puts you at risk for oral infections and tooth decay.

Cavities: Some medications contain sugary substances, like syrups and sweeteners, and they put your teeth at risk for dental cavities. Please remember to always read the labels before purchasing over-the-counter medications and please rinse your mouth or brush your teeth after taking the dose.

The overgrowth of gum tissue: Some medications cause gum tissue enlargement, which is a painful and irritating side effect that results in swollen gums that grow over the teeth.

Mouth ulcers: Some medications cause mouth ulcers, which are also known as canker sores. These inconvenient sores oftentimes form on the insides of the cheeks.

Tooth stains: Some medications stain the tooth enamel, which results in having a dull, yellow smile.

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