The Positive Power of Fluoride

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Fluoride has become a very common ingredient in many dental hygiene products. Dr. Albert Mendez and our team invite you to learn more about fluoride, which is a mineral that is found naturally and can enhance the health of your teeth by offering greater strength and nourishment and helping you avoid tooth enamel loss and tooth decay. By exposing your teeth to fluoride and fluoridated products on a regular basis, you can improve your oral health.

If you are curious about how fluoride interacts with your teeth, we are happy to provide an overview. You can receive fluoride via a hygiene product, seeing the dentist for fluoride treatment or drinking water with fluoridated. This enables the mineral to attach to the tooth surface and then soak into the tooth enamel to saturate the teeth with important minerals. This strengthens the protective shell of the tooth to make it harder for acid, bacteria and tooth decay to damage your teeth.

Patients of all ages can safely receive fluoride treatment, except infants because they receive the tooth strength they need from the foods and beverages in their diet. Around the age of two or three years old, a child can start being exposed to regular fluoride treatment for the rest of their life.

If you are considering the possibility of receiving more fluoride in Pittsburg, Kansas, we invite you to contact Mendez Family Dental at 620-231-6070 today and schedule a visit with our friendly dentist!