Thank a vet!!

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Today, my post will be short, sweet and to the point. (How unusual!)

I am a proud member of the Pittsburg Sunrise Rotary.   It is an awesome group with a wide variety of members–age and professions.   Despite the early start time (7:00am),  the members are wide awake and ready to face the world.   Our club is organized so the weekly program is organized by the general membership on a rotating basis.  Many programs are good,  some great and a few are excellent.  Because of this arrangement, the topics presented will vary greatly!  Some are talent presentations–actors and singers in upcoming community theater productions.  Some involve environmental issues.  Some are of a general community concerns

At the meeting the morning, we had a presentation by an ROTC instructor at our local university, Pittsburg State University.  During the presentation I was struck by fact that our country has an amazing military.  The men and women who serve our country in the armed forces are well prepared.  Those men and women who go through the PSU ROTC program have many opportunities to learn the leadership skills that will lead them to success in life.

Today, I want to use this forum to say “Thank You” to our fellow countrymen and women.  Thank you for your selfless giving so we can be free.   Thank you for thinking well enough of us, your fellow citizens and our country, to give.   We are who we are because of you!!