So when does the future offically begin?

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Columbus, Ohio. Have you ever been there? Until this weekend I could answer that question with a “That’s one of the major cities in Ohio that start with a ‘C’, right? Never been there.” (Cleveland and Cincinnati are the others.) I am writing this entry from my hotel room in Columbus. I am attending an excellent “2 Day No Fluff Social Media Extravaganza”.  This event is being presented by two amazing gentlemen, Dr. Jason Lipscomb and Mr. Stephen Knight.  It is hosted by the very capable Lisa Rager of Dependable Dental Staffing. (More about these three individuals in a moment.)

I must confess something right now, I love the internet. It is an amazing source of information.  If I am curious about something, I will “google” it.  My Droid X is my constant companion when I need an address, directions or a phone number. (I sometimes even use it to make a telephone call!) On this trip to Columbus, I had the “pleasure” of an extended layover in Nashville.  Weather conditions in Florida delayed my flight about 3 hours. In the Droid Market, I found and downloaded an app that allowed my to pass some of the 4+ hours at the airport watching the British version of the TV show, “Being Human”. (Being Human is one of my guilty pleasures!)

I am currently working to develop a coordinated online presence for my practice.  Officially my practice is called Albert Mendez DDS PA, unofficially, Pittsburg Kansas Dentist. My initial dive into this thing called Social Media occurred when I set up my personal Facebook account.  I did it as a result of a “challenge” from one of my patients. At the time, she was a student at Pittsburg State University. She mentioned the benefits of Facebook.  I was starting to think about my high school reunion (which was several months off at that time) and she talked about how Facebook could be a way of reconnecting with my classmate from high school.  I told her I would set up an account, and did that very day! The rest is (as they say) history. Thank you, Emily!

In addition to reconnecting with friends and classmates from high school and dental school, I have met, and become closer to some amazing people.  These are people I would never had met, if it were not for this Social Media thing! In becoming Facebook “Friends” with some dental superstars like Rich and Dave Madow I have learned great things that have helped me serve my family of patients better. I have also met some amazing people from many places like Oregon, California, Ohio, and Florida!  Each has played a key role in helping me to be a better dentist and business owner.

Jason (Virginia), Stephen (Massachusetts) and Lisa (Ohio) are three specific examples of how social networking can bring people from various parts of the country together to learn and grow.  I am sold on this Social Media and will continue to learn more and apply it to my practice.  There is still much for me to learn, but with excellent mentors as these three and Rich and Dave mentioned above, I am confident in the future of business (generally), and dentistry (specifially). I really enjoy making and developing relationships.  I am committed to learning how a unified Social Media campaign can do this with my patients. I want to express a public “Thank you” to Jason, Stephen and Lisa for all your help.

The way I see it, the future is now.  Social Media is here to stay.  As humans we have a desire to be social and communicate. When the need arises and you have any questions about your dental health be sure to connect with us on our website or by phone at (620) 231-6070.  If you are “being human” and want to socialize we are also available on Facebook at PittsburgDDS and Twitter at PittsburgDDS.