Short update–battery recharged

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What a great day it has been for me. It began at 4:30 this morning!  I set off on a 5 K run. All was going quite well. At the half-way point I decided to continue a bit more and make it a full 4 mile run–after all it would only be another .8 mile.  As I approached the two mile point, I knew I could make it further still, so I went another 1/2 mile. I turned around and ran the full way  home. I completed a full 5 mile run!! I felt an awesome sense of accomplishment.  I really pushed myself and as a result, I learned more about myself.

Today I took most of my team up to Kansas City to attend a Continuing Education seminar by Dave and Rich from the Madow Group. We left at 6:30 and drove to the Westin Crown Center. Rich and Dave did a fantastic job. The taught us and entertained us. It was well worth the investment of time and money in my staff and me!! Now we feel recharged and ready to learn and do more.

I feel as though I am blessed with a great team. They are hard working and even willing to learn at times!!