Ramblings of a proud dad!

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Spent Friday with my son Brandon in Lincoln, Nebraska.  He had an interview for admission into the dental school. (My Alma Mater.)  We had a great time talking during the 10 hour drive up and back, and during the hotel stay.  Discussing hope and dreams!!  Talks like that really give me hope for our future.  Another son, Jordan, is turning out to be awesome in his own right!!  Great student, excellent networker (in his chosen profession of accounting).  He has big hopes and dreams for the future too.  Both young men full of adventure and a love for life.  Neither afraid to go to different places and try different t hings.

Both are married to fantastic women.  It has been wonderful to get to know and love these fine young women as daughters!!  They are supportive of their husbands and feel supported in return.

I may be a bit bias, but my experience tells me many of the youth of today are sharp, and are motivated to do and be their best!! Thanks to all the great parents, teachers and mentors out there who give so much to help the rising generation!!

Lest we parent forget–be nice to our kids, they will chose our nursing homes!!