Oh baby, it cold outside!

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While many in the northern tier of states are shoveling out from under lots of snow and enduring bone-chilling temperatures, here in the Four States (SE Kansas, SW Missouri, NE Oklahoma and NW Arkansas) we are just cold.

It has been so cold the last couple of days that I had to move the Harley to the front of the garage to make room for the Jeep.  The Wrangler is a tough enough vehicle to endure the cold;  I must be the wimp.  I don’t  like jumping into it when it so cold.  (Not to mention scraping the windshield!)

When the temperatures are like this we need to remember our outdoor pets.  Be sure to keep them well-fed, give them fresh water (the water bowl freezes so quickly) and shelter.  Man’s best friend deserves to be taken care of!

Sometimes when the air is cold we notice sensitive teeth when we breathe in through our mouth.  That sensation could be an indication of tooth decay, or it could be simple  sensitivity to extreme temperatures.  If you are having those type of concerns, call us today to have the situation checked out.  We can help you out by performing the necessary treatment–a filling or placement of a desensitizing solution.

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