“Just Charge It!”

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Anyone who knows me well, knows that  you would not normally hear those words come from my mouth!  I tend to sqweek as I walk!  I am a pay as you go kind of guy.  If I can’t pay cash for it I can’t afford it (well not that tight.)The last few weeks have been tough on everyone.  We have had more snow this winter than many old timers around here remember from the last several winters. When this past week brought us temperatures in the 50′ to 70’s, the snow quickly melted and everyone could tell that the worst is now behind us!

I ride a Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic.  Its a sweet ride.  You can read about my conversion to “Harley-ism” in a previous post.   I ride 12 months of the year.  Some months I only ride a day or two.  Temperatures that are significantly  below freezing and snow/ice on the road tends to bring me back to reality.  I won’t ride on those days.

When it is the weekend and temperatures are in the 70’s, I can hear the sound of the “siren call”.  It is a faint, beautiful melody that beckons me to at least get a short ride in.  That happened this weekend.  I took 2 rides–one for about 85 miles the other about 80 miles.  It felt so good to get out there and feel the wind in my face (I don’t feel wind in my hair because I wear a helmet and I have thinning hair) and feel my body lean into the curves. It is almost therapeutic.  It is almost like having my mind, body and soul recharged.

I encourage you to get out of your routine from time to time and do something that will charge you up and and prepare you for everyday life.  Just charge it!!

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