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Just spent some time surfing the web to research dental-related topics for today’s entry. I was not sure of what to write until I came across this information regarding oral piercings. Enjoy it. Hopefully it will help you in your decision-making regarding a piercing.

Researchers Find Tongue Piercing Could Lead To Gum and Tooth Problems…

A new study found that extended wear of tongue jewelry (barbell-type) could increase your chance of gum recession and tooth chipping.

This study found gum recession in 35% of subjects with pierced tongues for four or more years, and in 50% wearing long-stemmed barbells for two or more years.

During tongue movement, long-stem barbells are more likely to reach and damage the gums than short barbells which can lead to more serious dental/oral complications.

Additionally, almost half of those wearing either type of barbell for four or more years had chipped teeth. The prevalence of tooth chipping was greater in those wearing short- stemmed barbells (1/4 inch – 5/8 inch) for four or more years because tooth chipping was a result of habitual biting of the barbell.

Mouth piercing and smoking combined could cause a mouthful of trouble because smokers have: more calculus on their teeth
deep pockets between their teeth and gums
loss of the bone and tissue that support your teeth.

Combine these problems with gum recession from tongue piercing and you are on your way to having a serious infection called gum disease.

Anyone with a pierced mouth should receive a thorough oral examination of their gums and teeth to identify problem areas. Taking precautions now will increase your chance of keeping your teeth for a lifetime.
Journal of Periodontology, March 2002