How did I get here?

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It was 1983.  I was attending my first full semester at Brigham Young University when it hit me!  I had finally figured out what I was going to do when I grew up.  The fact that I was 21-and-a-half years old (back then the 1/2 was important–now at 4o-something the 1/2’s are more troubling) did not seem like a bad time to finally figure things out!

I was going to pursue a degree in dentistry.  When I called my mom to inform her she laughed.  That was not the response I had expected!  I figured that since they were paying for my undergraduate studies they would be excited I had finally declared a major, and was going to move on with my life.  As we talked, she explained her response.  As a child I really did not like going to the dentist.  In fact there were times when I had to be cornered in order to be put into the dental chair.  The procedures were smelly and sometimes painful.

I know first-hand that the techniques and materials have changed dramatically in the 35-plus years since then.  Technology has led to HUGE changes and advances.  It was my early experiences that have led me to where I am today.  I knew I wanted to see that others received needed preventative and restorative treatment in a kind and gentle way.  That has been my main motivation as I have practiced these last 22 years.

In the Disney movie, Lion King,  Simba sings about  someday being king.  I am not sure how it would be to be king, but I think to myself that it is great to be a dentist!  So, if you, your child or grandchild is looking for a fantastic profession; one that involves challenges and triumphs,  and awesome relationships building, then I would highly recommend they consider dentistry.

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