Got Dentures? Here’s How to Take Care of Them

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You recently decided to get dentures. This is a fantastic option for filling in your smile! Whether you have full dentures or only partial dentures, you will need to adjust to a new oral health care routine. Here are some things to remember as you take care of your dentures.

Keep your dentures moist at all times. They need to be in your mouth, or in a soaking cleansing solution, or in plain cool water at all times. To avoid warping your dentures, never use hot water to store or clean them.

Also avoid using regular toothpaste. Standard toothpaste contains abrasive substances that can damage the dentures. Use a very soft bristled toothbrush with plain water or specially formulated denture cleaner to clean your dentures. This removes food particles and debris before soaking the dentures.

Remove your dentures every day to clean them. For convenience, this is typically done at night. Don’t sleep with your dentures in. This can cause problems by irritating gum tissue.

Remember, just because you have dentures, doesn’t mean your oral hygiene should slip. Brush your gums, tongue, and the roof of your mouth every night, to stimulate tissues and reduce plaque build-up. This also helps to prevent halitosis.

If dentures break, chip, or become loose, consult your dentist. Don’t try to fix them yourself, as this can damage them beyond repair.

If you take care of them, dentures can be a lasting solution for your oral health. If you have any problems with your dentures in the Pittsburg, Kansas area, call Mendez Family Dental at 620-231-6070. Dr. Albert Mendez and our team will be happy to help you!