Good friends!!

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I really enjoy Facebook.  I have been accused of some sort of addiction to it, but I am sure I could stop tomorrow if I really wanted to! (Wink)

I enjoy a few games like “Bejeweled Blitz” and “Words with Friends”.  The first, builds eye-hand  coordination (which is ideal for my profession) and the second strengthens my communication skills (also good for dentistry!)

Actually the best thing about it is the relationships.  I can honestly say that I have strengthened and developed relationships with old friends from High School, and Dental School.  It has been fun!

One unexpected benefit of this Social Media has been building friendships with people I have never met in person.  A few of these people I “met” and interacted with while on webinars.  Others were  people that were common to a few of my friends and as we  commented on post threads we got to know each other.

As a result of these “friend of friend” contacts, I have met some very amazing people. These have been generous folks that have freely given business advise.  Friendships have developed with people in Oregon, Washington State,  Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland Virginia, Massachusetts, and MANY other places.

One friend is very mysterious.  In fact a check of her information leaves more questions than answers! I see her writings and videos  all over Facebook.  She is a dental blogger.  She has great advice.  Recently, Nomi Waters approached me about doing a write up about me.  If this was a cold contact over the phone, I would have declined.  Because we have gotten to know each other, I felt comfortable filling her request.  She wrote a very nice article about me based upon our interview.  It can be seen on her website,

So, to all the Debras,  Brads,  Garys,  Bettys,  Mary Beths, Mary Kays, Lisas,  Jills,  Davids,  Richards,  Jasons,  and Stephens out there, a HUGE “Thank you” for all you do, and for your friendships.  (There are so many, I could not mention you all, but you know who you are!)

While you are thinking about it, go to my office Facebook page and “Like” it.  Let’s develop a relationship.  Let’s share ideas.  Let’s make this Social Media a great, safe place to meet, share and grow.

Until next time!!