Does this outfit make my butt look big?

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Today is February 14, 2011.  Valentine’s Day 2011.  Like other skeptics out there, I feel this is one of those days that was invented to sell lots of cards.  I have read that Valentine’s card sales are surpassed only by Christmas card sales.  That’s a lot of cards!!  Have you ever asked yourself  what Valentine’s day is all about–I mean besides cards, chocolates, flowers and teddy bears?

According to an NPR story this is a day with an interesting past.  Like many of our holidays, it is steep in Pagan traditions.  The idea of running around naked and sacrificing goats and dogs and throwing their skins on available women  sounds a lot like a college fraternity stunt.  I am sure the news stories and pictures would make the front page of local papers (even by today’s standards!)

So today, I am thankful for Valentines days that involve cards, chocolates, flowers and clothes!!  Happy Valentine’s day to you all.  If all that candy causes an otherwise well-behaved tooth to misbehave, remember to contact our office at (620) 231-6070 or find us online at You can also follow us on facebook and twitter.