Are you a nerd like me?

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I spent this past weekend in the  mountains of Utah.  While I did spend a couple of half days on the slopes of Brighton Ski Resort in the Wasatch Mountains, the main reason for the trip was to meet with like-minded dentist to learn about the latest and greatest dental materials and instruments to keep me up-to date.  I learned that I am using many of the items that have been found, through research, to be current state of the art.  I also learned about new thing that have just arrived on the dental scene.  There were even a few hints of up and coming things.

This course was hosted and presented by Gordon and Rella Christensen.  Outside the dental community these are not household names, but “on the inside”, they are well-known and very respected for their thorough and unbiased research in the dental field. The venue was spectacular–Cliff Lodge at  Snowbird Resort.  The information presented was timely!

There was lots of talk about adhesives, implants (the dental kind), loupes, bisphosphonates, caries detection, re-mineralization of enamel and even sealants.  These are things we dental nerds love to hear and learn about!  So if those topics don’t float you boat, don’t panic, be secure in knowing this dental nerd is all over it!!

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