Are we there yet?

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Here we are, mid December already.  Where has the time gone?  It seems like we just had Christmas.  Didn’t we?  At any rate, I have been going through the motions this year.  Attempting to act excited (or even interested, for that matter.) So far it has produced minimal results.  Not sure what it is that is keeping me from truly enjoying the season.  I have spent the last few day shopping.  Truth be told, my wife has had to push to get me to go.  When I am out shopping, I enjoy thinking about the reaction of the intended recipients of the gifts purchased. That keeps me going.

May I confess something to you?  I really dislike shopping.  Not sure why, but the best I can tell, the dislike started as a younger person.  I never knew what to get for people. Later, those same feelings were accompanied by the lack of money.  In college and Dental School, lack of creativity and money were rounded out with a lack of time.  As a result, I tended to wait until the last-minute to shop. (now that was stressful!) By the time I finally went out shopping, the shelves were so picked through, and the choices were limited.  I would think to myself that must be what the shelves in a communist country must look like.  I used to joke that the best time to shop was the day or two before Christmas–minimal selection meant easy choices.  You took what was left!!

Today the shopping was hectic.  The malls and stores were fairly busy.  Traffic was unbelievable.  Despite all that, the mood was pleasant. I think we are just about done.  There is one more gift to get, but that will happen this week. Arrangements have been made to pick it up.

I am one who wishes people a “Merry Christmas”.  I hope when I see you and say this to you that you are not offended.  I mean no offense if you do not believe in Christmas.  One good thing about this time of the year is despite all else I do, I am more aware of others.  I am more aware that there are those around me who may be lacking even the basics in life–I am not talking about PS3, or Wii.

No matter what your stance on Christmas is, I feel we are all better off this time of the year. Let’s take that “Christmas spirit” out with us each day during this season of giving and look and serve others.  I am convinced the world will be a better place for it!!

Please leave your comments about what Christmas means to you today and how your feelings have changed over the years.  I’d love to hear from you!