A Tooth Decay Under a Dental Filling Can Cause a Toothache

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Many times dental fillings are used to repair minor defects in a tooth’s enamel layer caused by dental caries, dental attrition, or minor dental fractures. They are intended to repair the tooth with a material that will not be directly vulnerable to bacterial tooth decay, while also restoring the strength and function of the tooth.

Unfortunately, as the years pass, poor oral hygiene practices can start to affect the strong bond between the dental filling material and the surrounding tooth enamel. As this continues to occur it could allow bacteria to gradually access the seam of the dental filling allowing them to penetrate the deep recesses of the tooth.

If you procrastinate having a failing dental filling treated by a dentist like Dr. Albert Mendez, a new area of tooth decay could start to develop deep in the tooth. This could lead to heightened sensitivity, a change in the tooth’s color, and increasing toothache pain.

In many cases like this Dr. Albert Mendez will need to perform endodontic therapy to remove all the infected materials and rebuild the structure of the tooth. This will provide a strong anchor point for an eventual crown.

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